Holiday Thoughts

December 10, 2022

The holiday times can be a bit slow in the real estate world, but I am busy staying connected with my clients who are planning to purchase in the near future.  Getting some cleaning and holiday shopping done, and gift wrapping to be done…

I’m excited to see my clients have expanded buying power with some changes in raises and promotions. If you have had trouble qualifying in the past but now have new income sources, let me know and let’s get you with a lender to see if 2023 is going to be YOUR year for home ownership.

Imagine next Christmas hanging up the stockings on your own fireplace, or putting your tree in the perfect window. Christmas morning with smells of coffee, and cinnamon rolls, turkey and dressing or whatever your family favorites involve. The kids or grandkids ripping open the papers under the tree… and napping in front of your tv.

Or if you have other holiday traditions – imagine your celebrations in your own space with your traditional foods, beverages, and music. There’s not much better than being HOME for the holidays no matter how you celebrate.

Home ownership is more than just the financial investment you make with your family but the emotions and the memories you create. From baby’s first Christmas to graduation – so many holidays, school events, holiday concerts, little league games, family game nights, and snuggling in front of the fire on a quiet night.

What does home mean to you? Think it’s out of reach? Let’s connect and see what we can work out for you.

Let’s make Christmas 2023 one to celebrate in your own home.